Our Philosophy


Local is the new global

Our entire lives we've been taught we need to think locally but act globally. This has been great at increasing activism. Realistically, it has only enabled big business, big tech, and big news media to reap dividends. We aren't holding a grudge. People should make money for their hardwork, including companies that worked hard to earn your money. The problem is weak foundations are not good for any nation, including those industries enabling people to earn money. An act global first philosophy is a weak foundation to grow a country. At Curated News, we believe in a radical new philosophy: think locally, act locally, live globally. Our Curated Regions feature echoes this sentiment. The Curated Regions database is a publicly available database cataloging all of the local news outlets across the world. We have released our United States version first and we hope to update it as our business scales up to meet our rapid demand. Use it to see the wealth of viewpoints that exist in local communities. Let's empower information consumption instead of purely monetizing it.


Power to the people

Corporations are obsessed with data. In fact, they are so obsessed they go to great lengths to keep it, copywrite it, anonymize it, and make it difficult for the lay-person to access. This strange behavior has actually produced a lot of challenges in our industry, including a double standard where corporations are allowed to privatize information but the individual is expected to put their data in the public domain. We have noticed this tendency produces a lot of problems... Namely, companies do not like to make tools for consumers because it corrupts data or reduces the advertising impacts of data on business strategy. They would rather tell you what to think by showing it to you outright. Curated News rejects this philosophy as a relic of the past. The best person to determine truth is you and the best method to stop disinformation (in its accidental or incident forms) is to make tools available that leverage complex processes made simple for end users. This is the reason why we have both open-sourced and released a version of our Outrage Evaluator, available on our Android platform, for public use. Use it to check if a journalist is reacting to events emotionally. Use it to determine if an editor is trying to get more clicks with outrage to make their bosses happy. Use it as a guage to keep tabs on what bad actors are trying to peddle.


Your data is powerful (when it's in your hands)

At Curated News, we have a saying: "data isn't just for corporations anymore." Data is about empowerment but it doesn't have to be about empowerment through manipulation. Usually, people think of their own data as harvested, compromised, and insecure. And yet, these are limits placed on individuals by corporations that don't really want you to figure out just how effective data can be for the average consumer (hint: it is harder to manipulate you when you are leveraging your own data to check your work!). We are the only news application on iOS or Android that has a news consumption analytics section. We are proud to say we are leaders in fields ranging from curated content to news aggregation to data science. Even our database, of over 60,000 observations, is actually the largest news-related database among non-major corporations. We aren't afraid to say we are the little guy. And yet, we are really huge when it comes to providing value. Our competition just can't match what we offer. Take back control of your information and use it when you need it - or don't. That's what the information revolution is all about.