The Curated News platform started out as an algorithm and eventually became a statistical process that has been ported to Android and iOS to give consumers misinformation-proof news. This platform provides a misinformation-proof framework at fractions of the cost of major companies, like Facebook. Our algorithmic process does not need a dedicated staff so interpretations of policy do not bog you down in potential legal matters or public controversey. Our unique methodology further helps to strengthen information flows by reinforcing habits that do not compromise democratic values, allowing diversity to shine outright. Curated News is immune to changes in the information environment, as we couple our platform with information consumption tools to help assist and strengthen your habits. Imagine consuming better information so you can earn more money on average and faster so you can save time. Imagine developing skillsets that actually help in your work while increasing your overall productivity. Curated News is more than just a platform; it is the future of information consumption for consumers who want a competitive edge without massive subscriptions that balloon in costs. For limited overhead, we have scaled information quality and equitized it. What Facebook did for social networking and Twitter and Instagram did for exposure, we are doing for content consumption.

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CURRENT STATUS: Available for Android,iOS,Amazon, and Telegram

WHAT'S NEW WITH THE PLATFORM: OurCurated Headlinesfeature was recently released

WHAT'S NEW WITH THE COMPANY: OurFounder, Matthew Benchimol, was recently interviewed by StartPage for their Privacy in Action series

How it works

Stage 1 — Decentralize

Find places where your aggregation can be decentralized. Do not have processes that feed into one place.

Stage 2 —Engage

Think like a machine but operate like a human. Machine learning algorithims are only as effective as the delivery mechanism.

Stage 3 —Estabilish trusted nodes

Networks are hierarchical, even when they are decentralized. Make them flow.

Stage 4 —Launch

Once a system is in place, make it impossible to change. If you set your earlier stages up correctly, the trajectory is guaranteed to be a good one. Don't try to modify it in transit. It just mucks it up.

Our Platform:

Because our success is related to our statistical, privacy, and security techniques, we will not disclose the actual methodology for the Curated News platforms. We will only provide the framework behind the process as mentioned above. Our applications provide even more detail when you go to the "FAQ/Questions?" section that you will not get from this website. Whitepapers will be released in the future, detailing significant elements to our process for transparency.

Are you a member of the press?

Our branding kit is available as a download. Guidelines for use: use the graphics as they are in their original aspect ratio. You must use our logo on either a black or white background. Feel free to contact us here.

The Effect