How it works

Stage 1 - Decentralize

News organizations select narratives from sources of evidence. Just because you have found a pattern does not mean you've found the right one, especially if someone is selecting narratives for you.

Stage 2 - Engage

Machine learning algorithims are only as effective as people are literate in news consumption trends. People do not have time to become experts in news so a shortcut is actually worse than processing data in the raw. Computers give us biases because we are biased.

Stage 3 - Estabilish trusted nodes

News is not actually information. It is a network of information that has been written down. It contains an order that makes it impossible to remove agendas. Networks that flow are better when the network has produced positive results in the past.

Stage 4 - Launch

Do not continue looking for new sources of information once you have curated them for information quality. There is a finite amount of high quality information and you are even less likely to continue finding it after you have found a significant amount. This is the law of diminishing returns.