If you have a question, we probably have a tool for it.

Many users have questions that can only be answered through research. No one has time to research everything so we've made a tool for just about anything.

You get to use our tools to drive your decisions without someone telling you their insights are authoritative. Authorities can get it wrong but they are not questioned often. Question our tools and their insights as much and as often as you want.

Tools have advantages. They are not always perfect for the job but sometimes they get the job done anyways. A tool cannot be a tool if you cannot see it working. Our tools allow users to check our work while they see it working. We have made a number of tools open source so users can see our expertise in action.

As a subscriber, you get to use our toolbox to help guide your decisions but they should not replace your methods for making decisions. Believe it or not, a tool cannot do your work for you or replace you. It can only make your life easier by automating tasks and giving you information.

Tools are not supposed to give you answers. They just reference data points that may or may not be interesting. Our logo stands for the act of requesting information and our subscribers request information often just by using our platform. We want you to feel comfortable on the internet, knowing there is a safety net to help anchor you in case you get inundated with low-quality information.

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