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Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine a social media platform where served content is un-trackable. Imagine corporate metrics obscured behind layers of bureaucracy and technical mumbo jumbo. Imagine there are no ways to know if a system is working. At Curated News, your imagination can rest. Try out our tools, take a look at some of the data we've collected, and see how close your subjective interpretation of a given evaluation is to our algorithms. It's going to blow your mind just how little you'll disagree with us.

Our competitors would love for us to be completely open source. Our technical structure is part of our intellectual property. We open source some projects to prove our methods without giving away the farm. Check out our GitHub.

Our public outrage evaluator currently supports the following news organizations: Military Times, Christian Science Monitor, The Hill, The Economist, CNBC, The New York Times, New York Post, CBS News, Reason, CNN, Fox News, and NPR.

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